FROM 2-12. Lisbon-Equator


Position 2616 01849 Trip 1765 = 100/24

This is day 9 out of Lisbon plus another 6 from Falmouth to Lisbon so 15 sailing days at 1600 today. As I write we are about 1537 nm from Falmouth so it's even money. We have to resist the urge to count when we are this far out but we are now at least under 100 to go if we use the first time's numbers of 114 days to Hobart. We are planning our resources as if we are going non stop to Oz, so half a mars bar a week and all that jazz. But Cape Town is a definite possibility and the weather down there will dictate the rest. I'd still fit to bust love to go to South Georgia but I think we really need to get home.

Still sliding down wind in variable soft northerlies. Need to get a bit further west as we go but that should happen with the wind pattern shown in the last GRIB. New one should come in when I send this.

Sue – one very hung over Z – been carousing for 2 days. Hope you had a good burf.

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