FROM 2-16. Hobart-Sydney


Yesterday morning: A thousand plus the answer to everything and the highest barometric pressure reading I can remember ever seeing. I think there is a calibration error somewhere – the forecast was for 1038. Clear day, slight haze, big bushfire along the shore west of Mallacoota. Gabo Lighthouse lost in the haze against the hills behind Cape Howe but only 15 miles away. No mobile signal yet.

Today: Got into Eden around midnight. Eden a bit frantic – no diesel on the wharf any more, no phone signal on the wharf – Telstra 3G yet. By massive coincidence, I bumped into Chris H also on the dock and he organised his mate Peter to bring hie wheels and take me to the service station at the other end of town for 80 litres of diesel, and then Jen and Anne arrived to take us shopping and delivered hot muffins and it all got fixed and we left as soon as we were sorted – departed 1035. HUGE thanks to Chris, Peter, Jen and Ann – as with so much of this gig, we could not have done it without lots of help from lots of wonderful people. Jen, I’ll send you back the muffin basket. Had intended to give the Eden Magnet our story but it all got too complicated. Kari’s mob too – sorry but we just had to get on with it.

Earliest possible ETA now early Monday if absolutely everything works for us. Else later Monday or – most likely, early Tuesday for entry to suit whoever wants to come and meet us. We should be in mobile range most of the way. If anyone desperately wants to talk to us, 0418243600.

Watch this space! And cross em please.

Carol, plonk always used to be the cheapest red available and screech the equivalent white. The stuff you burnish copper with.
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