FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

2452.20 15746.34 Around 07.30 Berri time

Short messages for the mo – quite difficult conditions, Berri rolling and pitching all over the place and makes it hard to do anything – even making water needs stable containers.

Theres a reef ahead, about half way between New Cal and the Gt Barrier reef with Chesterfield Island at the north end which we’d rather like to miss. Not a lot of choice about where you go in these conditions and I suspect that the 5 -6 metre seas we’ve got here will be much bigger in shallower water. I think the wise thing from here is to aim to go to the west, rather than through the middle so I’m trying to head down there. Almost dead downwind and very not easy.

Carla, sorry we missed you for Yuri – I’m still trying to get an answer from Xsatusa about how to set up the satphone to receive messages so if you left one we didn’t get it.

The milk in my tea curdled this morning – not once but three times. I’ve given up and will rehydrate in consultation with Dr Pete later.

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