FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

5307 03034 and the bare is no longer poled

and Neptune's triple toothed snaggly denture is in its glass of dentine beside his bed – for the moment. Yay! Good to be sailing again. Reaching towards the barn door with 2 reefs and small heady. This is really just a quick update as the sun rises magnificently golden beyond the window near my head.

Speeds – we'll definitely go for Falmouth – Ireland is a nice backup option if things go pearshaped but we're almost past it anyway now and the tactic from here is still to get as far south as we can before the next system gets out its beasting stick. Please thank the CG and the lifeboatman. But for the lack of engine, I'd still be betting on getting there for the wedding but we could easily get caught by the tide at the Lizard

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