FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

6045 04841 Cape Desolation

One of Slarty’s better efforts – just grows from the earth and the sea, not a chisel mark in sight and today wrapped in and out of misty cloud. Anybody know who named it and why? The opposite end of the journey, conceptually and physically perhaps, from Cape Cheerful on the way into Dutch Harbour

The sun is shining, the swell has abated, we’re 143 miles from Farvel, but with another southerly forecast before we get there. Sunshine makes everything seem simple!

Life’s little moments – then and now – around October 23 last year I was in a BA aircraft 6 miles above Kap Farvel on a day just like this and I took photos, which I still have on the other computer. I had no idea – just completely off any atlas – that I would be here today in Berri in range of that camera that day. I was on the way to Baton Rouge to meet Leroy for the LSU Symposium and Pascal’s map was still about 10 days from being drawn. Life does odd things to one!

Photo of Cape Desolation taken from aircraft


Photo of Cape Desolation from way out to sea, with a superior mirage above.

Greenlandic – incredibly foreign language to a european -eqqaallammaat on a garbage skip gets close to Woolloomoolloo but naammagiinnagaqanngisaannarpugut still falls a bit short of Llanfair…gogoch. No idea what it means but I found it in a Royal Greenland Fishery pamphlet in Paamiut.

Thanks to all those who have sent messages – Speedy is still on holiday and we’re not getting anything except what we can pick up when in town. Lonely out here without him and y’all and I’m sorry that I have not been able to reply to anything important.

Instant, thick fog just arrived – no ice in sight before so should be ok for a bit.

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