FROM 2-7. Cambridge Bay-Baffin Bay

7235 09606 Belugas, seals, porridge and a porpophin

Breakfast entertainment in Peel Sound. There were about 6 belugas around the boat one came right alongside and lots of seals – brown heads, greyish mottled bodies, quite small. The porpophin was small, grey green brown – hard to tell – with a small fin. Fulmars and tiny petrels. And Kimbra had porridge.

We decided not to go through Bellot last night – the depth sounder dropped out of the instrument system and it was windy and murky to boot – so we went north.

Later – 7303 09553 0- headbutting a light northerly to try to get out of Peel sound and turn east at last. For the very first time, I'm starting to think that Pascal might have got his map right.

Sorry these so short and dull. Hand steering and sleeping at the mo and doing all the other necessary stuff and a bit ragged.

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