FROM 2-5. Nome-Tuktoyaktuk (Canada)

A lifetime special half hour 6503 16747

It's about 0100 Nome time. We're NE of King Island and I've just watched the sun set to the NW right in the middle of the Bering Strait. It's almost cloudless and I can just see the Russian coast, the Diomedes, Cape Wales silhouetted in the orange glow and the Kigluaik mountains softly grey against the horizon to the east. And – specially magical, the moon has just risen over Teller – big, white and glowing behind wispy clouds. Half an hour of pure joy and almost worth missing the eclipse for. And I bet it doesn't happen very often and when it does, there's no one here to enjoy it. So share it with me – a small patch of sea that, for a few moments seemed to be at the centre of the world.

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