FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Alex 2723.24 15625.16

The moon has just gone down and the universe is spread in all its magnificence across the sky – indescribable experience which you tend to forget about in the big city. Or maybe the whole shebang is really a small segment of the tiny brain of a little dog on a smoky planet in a parallel universe not very far from here and all our activity is just the energising of an idle thought that it needs to find a convenient tree.

Cetaceans – the three we saw were olive greenish brown, very big, with a long smooth gliding motion, no tails visible and a small triangular fin a long way back towards the tail. Not like the usual humpbacks at all. I looked for the CSIRO recognition chart before we left, I really did. And a good bird book.

Stephen, we’re abeam Brisvegas now and about 160 miles out – probably too late to deliver a slab of the Dublin Doctor but thanks for the thought.

Irwin, thanks again and all seems ok out here, so far.

Hi to Belmore South – G’day Funsters, Yo the Wunderbars, Hi again to the AllStars. Hope you all get something interesting out of this and it’s good to have you along.

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