FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Alex – April 18th

Land birds around – not many – and we’re still hooning, though the wind has died a bit for the mo. Huge fun, but I’m knackered. Months of planning and a full on week has been a bit wearying. But I’m in the routine again and actually getting some sleep. Berri still talks to me all the time but there’s new vocab – Lizzie out the back has her own distinctive voice and grammar and the furler is a quite different dialect as well. Still have the normal creaks and groans and tiny sighs that all have meaning and importance and taken together, keep the running score ticking along in my head.

Kevvo having real trouble with these big waves that throw him off and the sideways motion gives him false apparents as well. Constantly up and down sorting him, but he does a great job. Easily the most important bit of kit if this thing is going to work.

Love yez.

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