FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Alex - Just the ragged ends..............

Final loading today, except for last minute fresh stuff. I think it’s all going to fit too, which is astonishing. Almost room for the jacuzzi and an exercise bike.

I’ve been pondering this stuff -

It seems to me that we ought to do a bit better doing it West to East – but we’ll still need a huge amount of luck.

And it’s now tomorrow – We spent the day loading and packing more or less in the Zoo – was a serious sailing day at CYC, the beginning of the winter sailing season, and people just kept arriving to have a look and say G’day and wish us well. And looking for Consultative Advice – I have to admit that there was rather a lot of Consultation, to the point where it was clearly not even thinkable to go anywhere near the car so we spent out first night on the boat. McQ is still there in full sleep mode – I’m home getting organised for another day. Yesterday was a great day and lovely to see everyone.

Things seem to be under control – still a lot to do, but all those months of planning and thinking about it have now come together and I can see no reason why we won’t be able to leave on Thursday. Fingers and eyebrows crossed, of course and wood firmly touched. I reckon Thursday afternoon will do it – we’ll see.

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