FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator


K – have been in touch with Alphonse – qi works! The place is clean and tidy. He’s even more ferocious with Olympic fervour in the backbone!

El – fantastic – probably won’t see you there but enjoy. Wow!

Izztelltales and magic installed and operational. Ta!

And once again, here we are – tiny blob in huge ocean going somewhere. Yuri’s night to come – we shall not get faceless, but the sentiment is there.

So much stuff – this time is different. Last time it just happened, this time, seems to me, there are Expectations. We’ll do our best…

Poled out – brilliant night, pointing at San Cristobal, at least 10 days away – hang in there and I’ll think of something…poor old Orion is always upside down down here but he still has a fabulous belt full of nebulae. Go look!

I’m a bit rusty with my HHGTTG but I seem to remember that Zaphod was put into The Vortex or something similar. Was intended to fry his brain and show him how infinitesimally small and insignificant he was in the gobsmackingly HUGE universe and basically just tell him to shut up and go home. Zaphod, unsurprisingly, rather enjoyed the experience and saw the universe as his gobsmackingly interesting and challenging playground. Pascal, if you’re out there, that’s for you!

We’ve just had our little Yuri celebration – wrong time zone, but what the hell, we can have another one soon.

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