FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Apr 02, 2005 - 1630hrs UTC

1630hrs 02 Apr 2005 UTC 40’43”S 047’20”W Map Ref 141 853nm (2676nm to Equator)

We/re heading into another low – grib says 36 kts so think 70+ probably about 48 hours worth. Currently storm jib and heading way below course to stay comfortable.  Kills the VMG tho. Unlikely to be as bad as last one, touch wood.Chilesailmail still unreachable. Please tell the troops we’re likely to be a bit quiet again for a while.. Have a couple of updates in Q will use SatcomC if problem persists. Better do a whip around to stave off bankruptcy.

Brittany, unlikely we’ll be playing for at least a couple of days. Can’t win at the moment but the time will come.. Please say Hi to Leroy. He’ll be able to see the reflected starlight off our storm. but ain’t no way we’ll see him. 

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