FROM 1-11. South Atlantic-26°S

Apr 06, 2005 – 0515hrs UTC

 0515hrs 06 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 151

We are nearly level with Sydney again – (just passing Wollongong, for the initiated – a standing Berri joke about having a beer off Wollngong on the return trip from Hobart and how Wollongong seems to move further south each year) – the Southern Cross is back, comfortingly, in its proper place just south of top dead centre instead of to the north of us. The water is 21+ degrees – warmer than Sydney, Pete says, but that’s bad news because it means we are in a southerly current. I’m really going to miss the night sky when we get off this ocean too. It’s a warm, balmy night – what a contrast from a few nights ago – and such a pleasure not to have to spend 15 minutes getting into wet and clammy cold party gear to go out on deck. We have the top half of the stable door open and I sit out in the cockpit at night with my headlight and a book. This week, it’s been ‘Riding the Iron Rooster’ by Paul Theroux, about travelling by train around China in 1987. I found it interesting because Katherine has travelled on a lot of the trains he talks about and it adds a bit of perspective to her laconic reports.

We are gradually being headed by the wind and we are now pointing at the coast south west of Rio. As the wind continues to back, we’ll tack out again to the north east. We have the sheets cracked a bit to keep things fast and comfortable and not spill the consultative plastic chalice.

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