FROM 1-11. South Atlantic-26°S

Apr 07, 2005 – 1830hrs UTC

1830hrs 07 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 155

Just sitting it out down here as the waves get bigger and our insulation gradually peels off the inside of the boat. Too warm and sticky for the glue. At least 12 hours more, as far as I can see, before things will ease. Cant even get pissed as an anaesthetic – too dodgy if we get pearshaped. But things could be worse.

Kim – we can talk to Leroy on the satphone – he has an IP phone up there in his shiny tin can and I don’t know at this stage who is paying the bills. But its a heap of fun. As for 5 GPS’s I have one feeding into the laptop and a backup, both on the boat’s 12v system, a couple of toy handhelds and a USB version that will plug into the laptop if I need to take it on deck and can get the laptop to find the right comm port to talk to it. somewhat haphazard.

James – we don’t get many emails – about 4 or 5 a day and from the same group of regulars with the occasional oncer and some nice surprises too. Very happy to get more, specially in conditions like these. ‘Orrible!

Don – you’re absolutely right about the marathon – only a fool etc. But if a headbanger such as I is presented with an opportunity like that it is axiomatic that heads will be banged. Can’t receive photos, unfortunately but thanks – it was described to me. As far as I know, rhe new ISS crew, ISS 11, join the ISS in about ten days on a Russian rocket and Leroy and Salizhan return on April 25. No mention of Shuttle – perhaps a cargo trip. What’s an NDE issue? [ed: Don advises that it’s a nondestructive evaluation]

Croo – good luck with the parsley – I’ve go a crop of cress under way. Growing much faster than down south in the cold.

Ian N and the Pendo mob – g’day. Good to hear from you.

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