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Apr 08, 2005 – 2030hrs UTC

2030hrs 08 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 158


Phew, this was what the punters wanted – a bit of biff. The ref has had to move in now and send Fenwick and Whitworth to their neutral corners I’m sitting ringside with some of the sporting scribes.

The consensus seems to be that maybe Whitworth went in a bit too hard too early. He managed to land many telling jabs to Fenwicks body but Fenwick is s seasoned bare knuckled brawler and can absorb much more punishment than that. I noted that he had a smile on his face as he moved to his corner.

Now there’s something -I see that Fenwick has had his full reclining armchair set up in the corner – I heard him say to his seconds at the end of the first round, ‘Get rid of that pissy little stool’. He must have some clout with the WBA if they let him bring this in – and what’s more a stack of pizza boxes and two slabs of beer have been set up alongside. I think he’s on board for the full ride. I say this is a bit upmarket too – I wonder who’s promoting this event. A rather scantily clad young lady wearing gold stiletto heels has entered the ring and is now parading a large board with the number 3 held above her head.

I can also tell you that looks like a gold Rolex watch on her wrist.

The ref has finished marking his card and I think we’re nearly ready for round 3.

Whoo – that was close – the young lady in stilettos just tried to exit the ring by hurdling the ropes. Unfortunately the stilettos provided a poor launching platform and she landed in the lap of a corpulent chap with a grey beard two seats down and he seems to be having trouble getting her back on her feet.

I’m looking at Whitworth now and I hope the recent marathon hasn’t sapped his stamina. Fenwick meanwhile is giving him a cold brutal stare. We await the bell


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