FROM 1-12. 26°S-Nose Brazil

Apr 22, 2005 – 1330hrs UTC │Alex’s 63rd Birthday

1330hrs 22 Apr 2005 UTC 17’41”S 035’01”W Map Ref 178

A birthday quickie. Not having much fun out here. We seem to be locked in under the NE corner of Brazil and the weather or the Gods are conspiring to keep us here. The real trades are tantalisingly just over the horizon but we can’t break out of our little pattern and get up there. Once again biting the bullet and trucking east to try and find the freeing wind. Long way still to go. Tedious. Otherwise, nice birthday = spoke to Hilary, Katherine, Isabella and my mother – satphones are very seriously wonderful gadgets. Pete and I have just knocked over the last 2 bottles of Dr Coopers, vintage November ’04 and very special they were. Good quality of sludge in the brew too. Rum butter and soaked froot to go. WOOOHOOO.

The ETA guesses so far range from May 25 to June 9. Keep ‘em coming. June 9 is looking good!

[ed: There’s been one for much later than that but maybe Alex has put it out of his mind because it’s too horrible to contemplate :-)]

Kris – go to the brewery if you get a chance – the draught there is very special.

Woc – well done Cam. May be an omen somewhere – Cam Johnston was the stroke of the MUBC world champion coxless lightweight 4 when I was still playing back in about 1975. Go Cam. Don’t ever stop racing, no matter how hopeless it seems. Pessimists sometimes get nice surprises.

David – ta – see you soon.

Alex L don’t know what to say – but she’s a good boat- just a bit small for this undertaking.

Eggburger – glad you found us. We’ll do our best – you’d better be there.

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