FROM 2-16. Hobart-Sydney

Arghhh…the ribs.

Hi, I was intending to write to you all on the way from Eden to Sydney but a fall to the water from the wharf in Eden put an end to that.
We had moored Berri alongside a large ex-fishing boat the night before, I was on the wharf about to make a call home when it started to rain. Deciding to go back and get a jacket I moved down to a wooden beam just below the top of the wharf then pulled the ex-fisher in. The top of the rail I was about to step onto had been capped with stainless plate and it had recently been rained on but I didn't take that into account. As I stepped on board my foot immediately slipped and I fell back and went down. I hit my back on something on the way either part of the wharf or one of the boat's heavy mooring lines.
You feel so stupid, how did that happen? Anyway I grabbed the mooring line and after a couple of goes managed to drag myself the four or five feet up and back onto the fishing boat. Of course the office, with a lot of documentation was in the wallet, in the back pocket of the shorts, along with the phone.
I felt ok at first glad that I hadn't hit my head on the way down, there was no one there to pull me out, if I had. I now feel like I've been hit in the back with a cricket bat, hit with all the vigour one associates with a 20-20 player trying to loft a ball into the members stand.
That's my excuse, I'll write later, after the xrays, when I feel better. Cheers for now, I feel the need of one of Dr. Cooper's herbal tonics. Pete.

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