FROM 1-17. Fastnet Race 2005 (with qualifier)

Aug 08, 2005 - 1446hrs UTC

1446hrs 08 Aug 2005 UTC 50’07”N 004’29”E

The wheels have gone a bit squeaky – we’re trickling along with the assymetric kite set at about 30 degrees to an apparent wind of about  5 knots, giving us about 3. Lovely little sail. We can see 14 other boats around us including one of the 80ft Ocean Challenge boats (64 tons of steel…kinda slow in these conditions)so we must be going more or less ok. A bit short of sleep – we’ve both had interrupted sleeps but Dr Murphy has been at hand to assist. We’re looking forward to a surgery visit from Dr Gordon shortly.

Not looking good for getting round the Lizard tonight – tide due to change against us in an hour or so and we’ll be doing well to stand still unless the wind fills in a bit.

Hope the photos are arriving – not much but better than nothing.

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