FROM 1-17. Fastnet Race 2005 (with qualifier)

Aug 09, 2005 - 0534hrs UTC

0534hrs 09 Aug 2005 UTC

verbal update

Rounded Lands End, Surrounded by Class 1 – big boats, must be doing OK.

Land’s End

Now into the Irish Sea, with 10 boats visible, 3 off stern.

6knots – flying! 160 miles to the Rock, going swimmingly.

Difficult bit done, so now across the Irish Sea, around the rock, then the Scillies and into Portsmouth.

The Traffic Separation ship for the Channel is to port. We are well pleased.

The reporting system for this race is not exactly high tech – each position report is by mobile phone to a mobile phone answering service…..

[ed: as Alex called in this report I had just clicked through a link to an article in Runners World about Leroy Chiao, Alex and Pete’s astronaut mate – click here to read it. Talk about coincidences]

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