FROM 1-17. Fastnet Race 2005 (with qualifier)

Aug 10, 2005 – 2045hrs UTC

2045hrs 10 Aug 2005 UTC 51’21”N 009’04”W

The Examiner is back. We are now headbutting a 25 knot NW wind with a short steep sea that makes life very uncomfortable. No 3 and one reef. The Fastnet is directly upwind at 19 miles – cant see it yet, tho its range is 27 miles. Have to catch its one flash every 15 secs when we are on top of a wave. Irish coast visible 9 miles ahead, traffic separation zone between us and the Rock. Looks like at least five hours if the wind holds as is – seems to be moderating a bit. All the other fast 2 handers will be hooning off downwind now – poo. Rumour has it we were 12th overall IRC some time yesterday, but we’ve probably fallen from grace since then.

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