FROM 1-17. Fastnet Race 2005 (with qualifier)

Aug 13, 2005 - 0800hrs UTC │Plymouth

0800hrs 13 Aug 2005 UTC Plymouth

The morning after. Pete and I went to bed really early last night – 2 consultations, a big plate of lasagne at the yacht club and a visit to a huge catamaran that a friend was on and that was it.

Checked the results this morning and it’s true – we really did crack second in the 2 hander and 11th overall. Blimey! Andif we’d had the tide for the last leg into Plymouth, we’d probably have won the 2 hander. Having said all of which, it was very much a small boat race. All the top few boats arrived at the Fastnet at exactly the right time to catch the sleigh ride home. We flew the big purple kite all the way from the Pantaenius turning mark 7 miles SW of the Rock to Mevagissey, past the Lizard. 18 – 20 knots on the quarter and clocking sustained periods of 8 knots plus. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Wearing Malcolm’s daggy hat. A slightly hairy bit approaching Bishop Rock where we had to sail dead downwind in biggish following sea to get around but no dramas.

We put up the assy almost immediately after dropping the biggie and ploughed past the Eddystone right on the edge to within a mile of the finish at the Breakwater. That’s probably what got us into second place – we were doing 7.5 – 8 knots with the lee gunwale awash and lots of overpower against a 1.5 knot tide for 50 miles. Grand – Berri was wonderful.

I’ve just heard Pete open our very last can of Smoothie – cheers.

Rations minimised for the race – got it just about right – ran out of tsnk water in the marina! – half an hour too late. Cant win em all.

And now the press and the TV mob are looking for us. Prizegiving around mid-day.


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[ed: 11th overall, 8th in class, 2nd two handed, details here, the map is here , and Fastnet Piccies are here including the awards ceremony and a damn big trophy!]:

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