FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 17, 2005 - 1400hrs UTC

1400hrs 17 Aug 2005 UTC Falmouth

In haste – doing humungous shopping and just called into the dreaded caff to do update.

It’s BIG thank you time  – we’d never have got this far without vastly out of the ordinary help from lots of people – our families, Stephen, Malcolm, Isabella and Graham, Fenwick and his team, Jeremy, John B, Peter Bruce, Tom and Vicky Jackson, the Patagonian Cruisenetters, Diana at Petitbateau, The cookie crumbler in Stanley, John M-B, Mike H, all the RORC team, Hugh M and many many more. Thanks everyone and we’ll try to keep up this manic communication.

I bet you all thought the odd little blip on the website was a photo of the Fastnet light – but it’s really the streetlight next to our bus shelter

If all goes well, we’re out of here on Friday. Big effort to load the boat – we’re parked alongside the public jetty next to The Chain Locker pub {photo to follow if I remember) and we have to get from tthe car park through the passage under the pub, down a short street, down a big ramp onto the pontoon and then hike out about 200 metres to the boat – carrying shopping bags, slabs and slabs of Medicinal Potion, and all the bulky stuff we took off the boat to go racing. A grind.

Hoping to have a contemplative Consultation with all our local mates on Friday at the Greenbank before we leave. Haven’t even looked at the weather yet. Then about 120 days to Sydney.

Forgot to tell you – I had a text message from a friend, Andy Bird (no relation as far as we know) who was 2 handing a J105 a few miles ahead of us in the Celtic sea and who had a visit from what must  have been the same little bird, hitching a ride to Ireland – or New York – who knows. There’s an indistinct photo on the website and we have a much better print.

Ed: the latest set of tiny pictures

Mal’s new boat here:

and a great one with the Trophy here:

The lady presenting the trophy is Janet Grosvenor, Director of Sailing at RORC

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