FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 18, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC Falmouth

0900hrs 18 Aug 2005 UTC Falmouth

This might be the final update from the caff. Berri is about half loaded, shopping in 80% done, still have washing, sorting the freight details, fixing VAT refunds (absolute nightmare – Customs have been completely closed down on the south coast and there’s only one person in the whole of the south of england who seems to know what to do – thanks Neil – but They are not going to beat me – we need everything we can squeeze back), reconnecting the Ampair, lots of goodbyes and we should be off sometime late tomorrow DV & WP, with no real attention to WP. Knackered from carrying stuff up long and winding steps, around pubs, up and down ramps…

Malcom, tried to find a Southern Ocean bird book – or anything that might do, but no luck. Also finally decided that going off to Taunton in search of isochrones was likely to be a wasted journey, so we’ll seat of the pants it. Pity – was an interesting idea.

It’s stick my neck out time again – ETA in either Sydney (or Hobart if we decide to round the final Cape) December 11th. Unlikely to be as accurate as the Falklands – UK version, but we’ll see.

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