FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 20, 2005 - 0800hrs UTC Falmouth

0800hrs 20 Aug 2005 UTC Falmouth

From Isabella, Alex’s sister:

We arrived in Falmouth this morning to watch departure to find that Pete had gone to buy Tesco’s while Alex twiddled with bits of rope, stowed various things and waited to refuel. By the time Pete returned with the entire supermarket (what do they do with all that Kitchen Towel??) Berri was full of gas, the leaving party was assembling and The Dublin Doctor proffered copious advice. We watched them cast off and motor out of the harbour, and several of us zoomed off to Pendennis Point in our cars to see Berri leave. We created an unpleasantly modern-sounding Rhapsody for Car Horn and Barking Dog as they passed beneath us but the poor old boys are so deaf these days they didn’t even look up. Maybe they prefer the classics. Berri’s sails looked smaller and smaller, the sea larger and larger and all the various emotive cliches can be imagined but will not be written by me here..

Isabella’s pictures here

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