FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 20, 2005 - 2330hrs UTC

2330hrs 20 Aug 2005 UTC 49’00”N 006’27”W Ref 301

Most of the way through the second of about 440 watches. Daunting prospect. This one has been rather long and slow – lots of ships around and a yacht passed close under our stern – I’m sure she approached without lights because I only saw her when she was very close. Bright clear moon, only the first magnitude stars visible and about 10 kts of breeze – we’re wallowing in the swell and it’s not comfortable – just not enough to keep the sails filled and the boat moving. Sails flogging – not good for them.

I’ve been thinking about the highlights so far – Cape Horn, obviously; our weekend with Leroy and Karen and them out back of Tater Du; rounding the Fastnet and finally finishing one are probably the stand-outs. And getting so many nice emails from all y’all. And we’re on the way home – woohooo.

People have asked what the trophy was for – we didn’t rate anything for our actual result – it was for the crew that had sailed the furthest to take part in the race – I think they invented it for us. The lady presenting it is Janet Grosvenor, Director of Sailing at RORC.

There’s an article about us in both next month’s Yachting Monthly and Yachting World – both out around Sept 8 in UK – I’ve seen the YM version and they’ve done us proud. Thanks Hugh.

From Martin, Barbados

Hello Berrimillas,

Thank you for a most wonderful website and stories about your sailing adventures! I had seen you mentioned on BBC News on-line, and then my pal Hugh in Lymington sent me an email re how he had been shanghaiied by YM to write a story about you, as youze were ‘of similar age and also a bit wrong in the head’….

I shall be staying with Hugh for a few days next month, when Southampton boat show is on, and am looking forward to hearing more about the Berrimillas from his perspective – and reading the article as well!

I can just imagine Hugh’s living room piled high with the Berri’s cruising kit – no wonder you flew in the Fastnet! I guess you had to get a Transit van or summat so to get it all down to Falmouth afterwards.

I did the Fastnet on Stormy Weather in ’93 – a F7 on the nose going out to the rock, and a F8 on the beam coming back – we were underwater most of the way…..

And you are now on passage and bound for lower latitudes and tradewinds fairly soon….. if you are bored one day and fancy a radio sked with a difference, tune in to the Transatlantic Maritime Mobile net – it is on the ham frequencies, run by my Mum Trudi (8P6QM) on 21.400 at 1300 UTC every day, with a weather forecast (from Radio France) for the North Atlantic at 1330. But Hugh has probably told you about her already – he chatted to her for years before he finally set off across the Atlantic on Tacit, on his (slightly more leisurely!) world cruise.

I had better not make this too long – your webmaster is probably already cursing me, and deleting stuff furiously with his red cyber pen…….

So, fair winds, and reasonably calm seas, with sunny days and happy times ahead on your voyage home – and good luck from the Windies in the Sydney – Hobart!

Hi Martyn – listened for your Mum on 21400 but no joy  my radio has 21402 as a set frequency, so will try bothas we get further south.

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