FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 21, 2005 – 1020hrs UTC

1020hrs 21 Aug 2005 UTC 48’28”N 007’00”W Ref 303

First day’s progress: GPS log 122 nm, boat’s log (through the water) 129 nm so we might have had a net adverse tide – the boat’s log probably over reads too, so not necessarily accurate. Net result +2 for the day qnd overall.

Since which, we have probably lost it all and some more.

Small change to my predicted ETA – I said Dec 11 in either Sydney or Hobart – it would have made more sense to have said either Gabo Island or the Iron Pot in Hobart. Either of these would complete a circumnavigation and Sydney would be about 4 or 7 days later respectively. So that’s what we’ll stick with. Peter D, you may amend your prediction accordingly, as may anyone else so rash as to have had a go this far out.

The insect returned, briefly. It looks like a rather delicate wasp.

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