FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 22, 2005 - 0920hrs UTC

0920hrs 22 Aug 2005 UTC 46’42”N 007’56”W Ref 305

GPS 242, log 256, 24 hr GPS dist travelled 100, total 242, = +2 DTG about 12000.

The flea has started its journey beck down the elephants rump towards its belly. Slow and steady, patience, persistence perseverance and pigheadedness. If a flea can be said to be pigheaded. And very much one day at a time – very hard indeed to stay calm and cheerful thinking about what’s in front as a big block of days. Just have to concentrate on today and perhaps visualise the feeling as we sail back in through Sydney Heads. 42182 metres in a marathon, ground out one at a time.

About half way across grey drizzly Biscay, just inside the direct line between the separation zones at Ouessant and Finisterre. We’re out beyond the shelf in deep water again – having seen how the bay shelves, it’s not hard to see why it is so dangerous in westerly gales. Some nasty weather due further north in the Channel – (later) we’ve just had a front pass through with a big, expected wind change round to the north so we’re poled out and doing 7.5

Time to plan ahead – invitations for the S2H crew: the shore support team – Stephen? Malcolm? Fenwick? (let me know…), Katherine ditto, and James as first reserve ditto – sorry James, you’ll definitely get a second go if you don’t get on this time.


[ed: a later PS]

From Malcom C.

“”Berri is ready for the ocean wide,
We’ve taken leave of kin,
The tide doth ebb, the sails are set,
We sail with a keg of gin.””

He emails her with his flaky prose,
“”There was a yacht,”” wrote he.
“”Hold off. don’t spam me, grey beard loon!””
Eftsoon his link dropped out.

Isabel tuned in on VHF,
She cannot choose but hear;
And thus spake on that ancient man,
The bright-eyed mariner.

The yacht was cheered, the harbour cleared,
Merrily they dropped,
Below the kirk, below the hill,
Below the lighthouse top.

The sun came up upon the left,
Out of the sea came he!
And he shone bright, and on the right
Went down into the sea.

Higher and higher every day,
Till over the mast at noon –
‘It’s consultation last, at last,
It never is too soon””

With sloping mast and dipping prow,
With spinnaker ready to go
The yacht drove fast, the Azores were past,
And southward aye they fled.

End of first part.

From Martin, Barbados

Thank you for the kind words in your latest log entry – I am pleased to see that my note reached you OK! My Mum (Trudi, 8P6QM) saw it this evening and as a result of having appalling radio conditions recently, sent me the following comment :

“”Actually, they won’t be able to hear me on their way south, propagation is too bad, but they might hear Jack (AA3GZ in the USA) of course, and probably Gerard (ON6BG,  in Belgium). But if they want weather info, I could send them some of that by E-mail every day, if necessary. For example the forecast from Radio France International, the position of the ITCZ etc. But maybe they can get all that from somewhere else?””

I guess you must have an abundance of wx info coming your way from a variety of sources, but if you are not receiving any RFI wx or ITCZ (later on!) and would like to receive a daily update, please do advise (via your log would be fine).

Maybe tomorrow Mum will give you a shout on 21.402 and see if you can hear her there. Strictly speaking she is only allowed to talk to licensed amateur radio operators, but she has been known to bend the rules very slightly on one-off occasions……..

We shall look forward to following your progress on your Long Way home. My sister and her family live in Oz (in Mooloolah, Qld) and they will also be tuning in to the Berrinews.  

Best wishes for fair winds, fine sailing, calmish seas and happy consulting!

Thanks Malcom – not bad. And thanks Martin – listened in today but nowt – please tell Trudi we don’t need wx info but would love to talk to her – our callsign is VZN2025. We could perhaps arrange a separate sked – I’ve got quite a good propagation application with sailmail – where is Trudi? Thanks Kevin, will do, thanks Richard, sorry we missed getting to see y’all. Was a little boat year – seems we picked something right! Just a bit late at the Rock to do any serious good.

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