FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Berri to Mission Control

Hi Pascal – laconic as ever! Will we need an insertion Consultation before we turn right? Tks for talking to El.

And Keith too – bet you thought we were kidding as well. If you still have those shirts, could you please keep one for Pete?

Some silly questions – just because:
1. Was Xanthippe a) a Brazilian footballers girlfriend b)a horse c) a universally hated Vogon poet or d) none of these?
2. Why did Xerxes’ men shout ‘Thalassa thalassa!’ or wasn’t it Xerxes’ mob at all?
3. What, under almost identical circumstances, did Hernan Cortes’ men shout and where?
4. Why am I asking these silly questions?

Plan B – here we are, stuck, sort of, in the first hundred metres of the course not having fun. Original proposal was to go east of Nauru through the Marshall Islands and then north to Dutch. The quickest way out of here is straight north so perhaps now, west of the Marshalls, around the back of the N Pacific high and thence to Dutch. Just to keep you all in the loop. We are trying to get every metre we can under sail but not much joy. Using the motor when there just isnt enough wind to give the autopilot steerage way. Was hoping to use Midway for emerg refuelling stop but it’s now part of a National Monument and visitors are not allowed without a permit from Honolulu. Pity. Osaka? Sakhalin? or just conserve the stuff.

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