FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Blerg-Noon 1050.51 16300.01

DTD 4246 so dmg 113 and total distance made good 1573 in 14 days (I think…)

Lots to tell – 1st BVS 10 was the bucket or so of water that came through the open hatch above my bunk as I was deeply asleep last night. Followed by several more soakings in rain showers and just plain sweat in the Cone – a really evil place in the tropics – no breeze and HOT. Can’t stay here for too long this time either.

Small drama with the furler – it came off a much bigger boat and the furling line is all wrong for Berri – both diameter and length, because our sail is much bigger than Simon’s so more line needs to be on the drum. So we devised evil plan – roll it all up, add some extra turns to ensure all the sail can be furled and still leave turns on the drum, then cut the old line and tie in another, thinner one. All went fine except that I forgot to make sure that the new one was long enough for the job and – thank you mr murphy, – it’s about 2 metres too short, so McQ has sewn and whipped a tail on to it for the time being, then we’ll replace the whole thing on a calmer day.

A series of warm blasting rain showers with their own little wind systems one after the other all morning but we seem to be away again in a clear patch heading for the equator near Nauru.

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