FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator


More thanks everyone for birthday wishes. Get ‘em in while you can!
Kimbra, Speedy suggests we go through website unless super urgent. I’m not logging in much during the day now anyway as we only get one download from Speed Central.
Kris, thanks for Mr Lincoln. Shame we seem to have departed so far from those principles and doesn’t learning by heart spoil the experience? Snow in April – wonder if that has any significance for the ice further north. I remember that beer too!

Planning failures – can’t believe, for instance, that I didn’t put in the cockpit floor. No dramas there except wet feet tramping through the cabbage patch in the boot room. Or find and put on board the sextant plotting sheets or even graph paper so we could make one. Means we are entirely reliant on the calculator if we ever need to use it.

Things that are both near and distant – the course of a boat – time to resurrect 1000 years in a day from the Berri cd archive. Stone age technology already – I remember buying my first cd player in 1984. A Sony brick, but then an amazing bit of gizmology. And Andy, who helped design it.

Grand birthday – wind all day, more or less right direction, 2 Consultations and Thai curry with pumpkin and noodles courtesy of McQ for dinner. And presents. And boobs in the rig for Michelle. A cornucopia for an old git.

We’ve had the place to ourselves since leaving the Oz coast at Port Stephens except for one light astern a few nights ago. And we hit something earlier this evening – big soft double bump but dark and could not see anything.

VoA now so low it almost needs a spoon. Water temp 35.

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