FROM 1-8. Horn to Falkland Islands

Mar 11, 2005 - 2042hrs UTC │Cape Horn Rounded

2042hrs 11 Mar 2005 UTC 56’00”S 067’15”W Map Ref 115

Abeam Cape Horn with dolphins not far away. A unique and special moment in anyone’s life and we feel hugely privileged to be able to experience it. Our love and thanks to Jeanne and Hilary and our kids, Eleanor, Luke, Sarah, Eve, Tessa and Katherine without whose staunch, unhesitating and continuous support and lack of fuss over the last year or so, it would not have been possible. To Peter Joubert, who seems to know something about seaworthy boats (would someone tell him please because he won’t be reading this) and to Tommy Melville, whose ghost has surely been out here looking after us and to all y’all hitting the website or helping in other ways, for your interest and support and encouragement especially in times of adversity. And a word for Kurtsy – good to have known you and All’s Fair down here too. And onya Steve and Malcolm and wonderful old Berrimilla with a 2. We loves youse all and RANSA’s rum is doing the honours.
Pete and Alex.

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