FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 19, 2005 - 1400hrs UTC │Clench-Inducing Sequences VI

1400hrs 19 Oct 2005 UTC 40’37”S 009’05”E Ref 458

steady 50+ – gusting 60 – just taken both poles and one jib off in huge breaking waves – dangerous work – berri sliding haphazardly off the sides – survival mode for the time being. shit i wish i could talk to africa sailmail. i don’t think it’s us but i can’t be sure and no one else is in range till tonight if we are lucky. warm and reasonably calm and quiet inside.
big slashing surges and rolls outside – making 8+ knots at times – storm jib gybes with some rolls – kevvo struggles it back. making a cup of tea – we’re both up and half partied in case we have to go out again. doesn’t seem to be easing and there’s another one behind it.

50 days of this will be a barrel of laughs.

my cup of tea tastes of mushroom soup. erk. just had the cockpit filled by a big roller. no sign of ease – should go thro very fast at this wind speed.

Later still…
this feels like cape horn all over. still hitting 60, savage short breaking seas, at least half mast height. very nasty. not in the brochure. grab bag prepared with epirb, satphone, gps, medicinal potions. grey knuckles in evidence. and there’s anther one to come. we’re trying to climb north to get a bit further away from the next one but v. slow. will try to gett sailmail msgs tonight, if unable, pse satcom anything important.

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