FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 04 2005 – 2125hrs UTC

2125hrs 04 Dec 2005 UTC 44’55”S 124’52”E Ref 619

Low now predicted to pass about 150 miles astern of us. Baro 985. Storm downgraded to Gale – goody, and should go on giving us westerlies. Clenchless. Under 1000 to go – wooohooo. Dr Wendy has been duly Consulted. We are a long way south of Oz – no obvious signs except kelp – certainly no desert winds with red dust and wafting acacia – just a wet, wet, black dismal dripping night. Haven’t seen the moon or a star for what seems like at least for ever but is probably about 2 weeks – just more grim grinding out those last few strides to the finish line. Now have all Oz on large scale GPS screen, Tasmania just appearing on next scale down. How did this occur? Mind in boggle mode.

John and Sarah in Oklahoma – thanks and of course you’re right – more boat would be nice but the point we have made, I hope, is that it can be done, subject to the Examiner’s whim, with less boat but the right one, a tiny budget, no sponsors except the generous donations from all y’all and a lot of medicinal help from various Doctors. It’s a headbang, but worth every minute of pain to be right here right now. Apart from the HF radio modem and laptop and Kevvo, Berrimilla is set up just as she would be for a Hobart race – set up with some care and forethought, but essentially no different. She is -was- jammed to the gunwales with food, water and equipment and heavier that she’s ever been but getting lighter every day and will be empty and ring like a church bell by the time we sail out of the Heads on Boxing Day.

I have just been outside to make a small course change and wonderful to behold – stars everywhere – it’s as if the pressure has been lifted. Only the first magnitude stars, plus Mars glowing orange to the north – must still be a lot of murk out there and we’re really just under a hole but emerging from isolation. Soul soothed and all that.

Much later bit – lovely sunrise, rainbow, low shld be passing 120 miles astern – baro still 986 but we’re on the way home with the cutdown and 2 reefs @ vmg6

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