FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 05, 2005 – 0745hrs UTC

0745hrs 05 Dec 2005 UTC 44’44”S 126’04”E Ref 622

We applied to Customs in Hobart for a special exemption from port of entry requirements to enable us to resupply with food, diesel and goodies in Adventure Bay on South Bruny Island just around the corner from SE Cape in case we are very short of time. We have just heard that Customs have refused the application. Should not be a problem, but if we do cop a long park from the Examiner between here and there, we will either have to go on serious conservation rations (solar power only, almost no diesel almost no water, probably not enough solar to run the watermaker for more than half an hour a day so perhaps a litre )to try to go direct to Sydney (or Eden if in time or desperate) in one hit to get there in time or give up the idea of making the start line. Could be done, but not looking forward to the need to do it. Giving up is unthinkable at this stage and we’ll go for it if necessary.

We are still hooning along in the right direction and we should make the numbers again today. I think we have nothing further to worry about from the last low – the next one is a long way back – freckle just a’twitching – the tension is getting to us a bit as we close in – it can so easily go wrong even from here and we would rather it didn’t. Customs’ refusal not making things easier.

Roger @ CYC – we are hoping to get to the Heads some time on Dec 20 or 21 – obviously a bit early to predict and will depend very much on what happens at SE Cape. If we slip in Hobart, should not need diver in Sydney and also hoping to get radio check in Hobart. I think I have original IRC cert with me as Hilary brought it to the UK before the Fastnet. Liferaft Cert I do have and is ok and worded as per instructions. I understand the crew are doing their paperwork so keep the fingers crossed we don’t get parked before we can load some diesel. Do you want the RORC trophies for pre S2H stuff? Will arrange if you do, as long as Steve brings the big one back with him.

Izz – send me the shawl numbers – ta. Only 400 emails? Perhaps I’ve been counting a different set. G& T day today and it’s almost upon us. Wooohoo! Looking forward to reading the glosso.

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