FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 11, 2005 – 1030hrs UTC

1030hrs 11 Dec 2005 UTC 43’42”S 145’11”E Ref 641

With exquisite delicacy and timing, the Examiner has dropped a 25 knot easterly on us – I have no idea where she found it – it’s blowing directly from SE Cape to us – could not be more on the nose than it is in every sense. We are now heading north east in the hope that it will back to the NE and give us a reasonable angle for theCape.

It will add at least a day to our arrival at RYCT and that’s if we get lucky. A strong NEasterly around the corner would add even more so we are keeping the fingers crossed. Malcolm is on his way down to wave us in – we have arranged to get a message to him in the morning.

So the start line recedes again, just when it was looking good. PPPP and we’ll Prevail.

I missed the fix today because we were doing all the necessary to get sorted to take this on. We made the numbers, but that’s all I know. Now 77 miles to go, vmg 3.5 kt so at least 20 hours, I suspect, unless the wind changes.

Nik – suggest you send me your mobile number – just in case.

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