FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 14, 2005 – 0630hrs EDT │ Hobart

0630hrs 14 Dec EDT Hobart

Can’t believe we’re back – it’s as if it never happened yet I can sit and read some of the logs and cringe a lot because it really did and bits of it were definitely in the ‘I don’t want to be here’ category.

We crept up the d’Entrecasteaux channel through the night in the cold cold rain and murk and the sun eventually came up and the rain cleared and the Examiner went home for a well deserved rest. Malcolm – Hobart end of this website – Onya Mal – appeared in the distance in his new boat Wildfire all tweaky and tender and blisteringly fast and we found a dinghy floating around with Consultative lubricants and other goodies in it and even a SIM card that I had the correct PIN number for – astonishing co-incidence!

We motored north in convoy and Poitrel – a Hobart Brolga and BOGger appeared looking much sleeker than the old bus shelter and the convoy grew – and as we entered the Derwent at the top of the Channel, there was Pippin another old S2H friend and rival. Lovely to see them all again, We found more floating goodies including a Rolex battle flag so we hoisted our Fastnet flag and the S2H flag on the forestay and the first little boast was there for all to see. We spoke to Hobart Port control on the radio and told them we’d like to let off a couple of white flares and they cleared it with the police and we duly did so – at , I think 10.35.36 local – I’ll confirm that from the boat later and the loop was closed. 5 Capes and about 34000 miles, some 700 sailchanges, 300 Consultations etc..; Arrived at RYCT to awaiting Media and we haven’t stopped. Interviews, phone calls. live radio – the works. Amazing interest and we’re told Sydney will be bigger. Boggle.

Customs were wonderful – Sarah, who cleared us out on Jan 10 came down and cleared us back in – thanks Sarah – lovely gesture and closed the loop properly. Followed by media interviews, greetings, old and new friends – feeling guilty because Scott’s Dad arrived with a slab of Cascade for us and I was so involved that I said a quick thank you and when I looked for him again he’d gone – so big thanks, Scott and Scott’s Dad!

Berri slipped – antifoul unmarked but green aralditey slime all over the topsides and a huge colony of 4 inch barnacles lall around the stern above the waterline – and on the prop shaft – must have slowed us down a bit! Dasvid Taylor had organised people to blast and scrub – HUGE thanks David and the team – and back in the water a couple of hours later. I was so tired I could hardly stand – up to the Sutherlands, washing – even the putrids and they really were! – managed to ease the ferals onto the compost heap to breed some more and give the peacocks something to think about.

More live interviews and fell into a real bed. Wooohooo!

Early meeting with the radio tech and big unload reload today and we’re off again. next one from the boat.

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