FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 16, 2005 – 0445hrs EDT

0445hrs 16 Dec 2005 EDT 41’02”S 149’18”E Ref 655

This wasn’t in the brochure. We’re down to the 4 and 3 reefs out off the Eddystone at the top right end of Tasmania and it’s 35 -40 in a horrible sea and its wet and cold and uncomfortable. We’re heading generally north – slowly and no sign of any change yet – and not having fun. Drizzly grey dawn, waves breaking off the bows and spray flying back in sheets. Reefs packed and knitted on the boom, folds full of water and sloshing out of the ends of the folds right down the only chink in the party gear, around the chin. So I’m also soaked once again. All the way down, so to speak. Bleah!

I’m still pretty weary after the few hectic days before and after we arrived in Hobart and going to windward seem to me to be a breach of contract – a bloke goes on a cruise to get some sleep, not to be damp, in full party gear, sitting on the floor again as poor old Berri gets another bashing. But we have a fridge full if medical supplies and soon there will be Breakfast. A bacon sando and a Consultation will restore the humours.

It had better, I suppose – we’ve got a live radio interview over the satphone in a couple of hours with 2BL Breakfast in Sydney and all over NSW. Glad my bit of fame will last only the regulation 15 minutes.

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