FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 16, 2005 - 0944hrs EDT

0944hrs 16 Dec 2005 EDT 40’52”S 149’39”E Ref 656

Almost inBass Strait. The wind has at last backed and we’re cracking off and cranking up. ETA Sydney Heads early am Dec 20.

To-do list is manageable – along these lines:

  • Backup laptop, download trip records, photos, GS tracks, fax files etc for analysis and website and book (Alex/Steve)
  • maybe reconfigure SoB (Alex/Simon)
  • Download new version of Easymail and Norton updates Complete RS2H paperwork including Cat 1 safety check. Should be a formality but first need to collect new gear required this year – List of Lights, drugs etc (Alex/Sarah/Roger/Andy)
  • Install new AT 130 tuning box for HF and do radio check – a couple of hours, perhaps (Marty)
  • Take everything – not most stuff, but everything moveable off the boat and give Berri thorough clean out and the exit mould treatment – about a day’s work including ferrying stuff to various homes etc. (All of us…)
  • Check the rig (Pete/Alex, perhaps rigger)
  • New or reinforced lee cloths (Brian B) and replace wooden poles (Alex)
  • Fix leaky cockpit drain – relatively easy (Pete)
  • Engine service if time allows (John W)
  • Dismantle Kevvo and take him home (Alex, Pete)
  • Fix outer f’stay jammer (Pete)
  • Minor sail repairs (Brian?)
  • Collect Merlin from reprogramming if not already done
  • Service the winches if time allows (Andy)
  • Buy shackles and other things to replace broken and lost gear.(Alex)
  • Put the racing gear back on – rugs, charts, spares, sails, diesel, water, tools, safety stuff and food (crew)
  • Redo stowage diagram if necessary (Alex)
  • Stop the kites, grease all headsail hanks, pack the trisail and storm jibs (crew)
  • Safety briefing for the crew (Alex + crew)
  • RS2H briefing (Alex, Pete + 2 crew)

And away…

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