FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 16, 2005 – 2235hrs EDT

2235hrs 16 Dec 2005 EDT 39’45”S 150’17”E Ref 657

We’ve been knocked over by the messages coming in – some of them breathtakingly eloquent – thanks to you all. I’m sorry but there are so many that I just can’t manage a personal response to all of you any more but please don’t think we haven’t received them or are indifferent – we have and we’re amazed, grateful, astonished and uplifted.

Impossible too to get it all in perspective but no doubt it will come. We have at last got the fair winds the brochure promised and we’re in Bass Strait and nearly half way back to Sydney. Earliest possible ETA early afternoon Monday, but this a bit optimistic, I think. More likely early Tuesday morning but we’ll make sure it’s in daylight even if it means having an external Consultation or two outside the Heads as we wait for the dawn.

Clear night, fill moon, stars, the full panoply of goodies and phosphorescence too. Berri slipping silently through an almost calm sea – most unusual. A fridge full of medicinal fluids and Anne’s strog – as well as groggy fruit cake – thanks Anne. Life has its moments.

To the guys in The Dungeon – come and have a beer and I’m sure we will be able to find a job for youse all. Thanks. Where’s David P these days?

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