FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 18, 2005 – 1900hrs EDT

1900hrs 18 Dec 2005 EDT 35’53”S 150’14”E Ref 662

We’re certainly back in OZ.  The first fly arrived when we were about ten miles out – too groggy to evade my mailed fist but now we are fully flied just south of Montagu Island – Berrimilla has been past here about 30 times since 1983. Onya Berri!

And onya the Examiner for never giving up. She’s unrolled the beginnings of a classic north easter around us. We’re motoring again, waiting to see what settles in. All ETA bets are off again  – could be anytime but most likely Tuesday morning.

Much later – now pestered by flies – how do they find us? We’ve headed in towards the southern end of Bateman’s bay to avoid as much of the current as we can – another boat coming up from the south – sydney 38 type boat but a long way away – prob coming up for the S2H – has gone way out to sea to do the same thing and clear Point Perpendicular. Interesting to see whether we get there first.

We will enter the Harbour between 0700 and 0900 on tuesday barring accidents and massive wx changes – hope to see all y’all who live here out there.

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