FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 20, 2005 – 0817hrs EDT

0817hrs 20 Dec 2005 EDT 33’52”S 151’14”E Ref 666

[Ed: well, trying to get some written words out of Pete and Alex has proved difficult.  Berri entered the heads at 8am today, and crossed the imaginary start/finish line at Bradleys Head in Sydney Harbour at 8:17:35 on 20/12/05.  About two dozen boats greeted Berri along with media helicopters and a typical Sydney summers day – clear, blue, calm, and warm.  Here are the first group of pictures – more to follow along with a small video when I work out how to put it up.  The boys stepped ashore to meet the Commodore of the Cruising Yacht Club, the hosts of the Sydney to Hobart along with many reptiles of the press, and their lovely other halves, Jeanne (for Pete) and Hilary (for Alex).  Berri looked a little out of place amongst the gleaming white Sydney to Hobart Fleet, but was certainly the centre of attention.  Interesting, a crewman of Alfa Romeo, one of the favourites for line honours on the Sydney to Hobart, was asked if he would go around the world in his 30m boat?  His reply?  Not in Alfa, but certainly in Berri.  Grins all around.

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