FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 24, 2005 - 0800hrs │Sydney

0800hrs 24 Dec 2005 EDT Sydney

The churn has subsided – a bit. We did the Cat 1 safety check yesterday and no blips. so all ok as far as paperwork and administration goes and we’re ready to go. Briefing at CYC today and four of us are required to attend. It’s always a bit of a shambles getting in because of the need for everyone to sign the lists. We will get a forecast – looks promising at this stage but we’ll only really know when we cross the finishing line at Battery Point. And the Gig will be over…We just have to remember that this time, it’s a U turn to get home, not just a leftie.

[Ed: The Syd2Hob web site is excellent – with a great boat tracker feature. ]

We will keep the website and the alert list going during the race and after and will keep you advised about Berri news and the progress of The Book.

For the sailing anarchists [ed: thread here] – sorry – forgot to acknowledge the Albatross – aka Diomedea – greeting us at the Heads. Thanks Phil and David. Nice touch! All the best for the race, yez all.

More photos, this time at the CYC:

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