FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 27, 2005 - 0700hrs EDT

0700hrs 27 Dec 2005 EDT 34’56”S 151’00”E Ref 671

The bus shelter is becalmed near Point Perp. Ok as long as everyone else is – just about to do the 0705 sked and we’ll find out.

After the sked,it seems the others must be going fairly slowly too –  we can actually see three boats but don’t know who they are. Just waiting again for the promises NE to set in. No sign of it yet – I’ve just been round in a couple of circles – one in each direction, just for fun. Not.

Bacon sando was noice – only one Consultation per day in this new, lightweight boat so will conserve it till later.

From Peter F.

Quite by accident I heard your interview on the ABC this morning (Boxing Day) and caught up with what you’ve been doing for the past year.  It’s a long way from, and, I imagine, a vast improvement over, dealing with the shenanigans of Public Sector computing.  I don’t know about you, but I still have waking nightmares about your pal and mine – TonyK – and his imaginative approach to tendering! 

 I’m really sorry I missed the web-site all last year, but I’ve started to read it now, and I am really enjoying it.  Just reached “”Sitrep: 1105hrs 13 Jan 2005. 45’25″”S 155’42″”E”” where you mention a competition to describe the inside of your left sea-boot, suggesting the more erudite might like to try a haiku.  It’s quite a coincidence, because a few years after I left Business and Consumer  Affairs, I set up my own consulting company (very small – just me and Deborah), and called it Haiku Computing and Management Consultants.  The reason for the name was twofold:  (1) I wanted to avoid all variations on Tech and the letters “”Z”” or “”X”” (eg ComTech, TechCom, Z-Tech, XTech, TekCons, etc etc) and (2) because many years I ago, I saw in the Herald poetry section, and poem as follows:


  A haiku has sev-

  enteen syllables, to write

  one is quite diffic.

It immediately appealed to my sense of humour, and unless I have misremembered yours, I think you’d like it too. 

While you’ve had a REAL sea change, Deborah and I have had the yuppie version – we now live on a 75 acre farm in Jamberoo (about 5km inland from Kiama).  Really enjoying country life – but the commute’s a doozy!  I’m still working full-time in Sydney as a Project Manager, but I’m looking for a change which will enable a little more work from home.

Hope you have a great Sydney – Hobart.  Would love to catch up when you have some time and are next in Sydney.

Peter F-  thanks for 17 syllables – will find you later. Neil – glad your prescription was filled! Susannah – I have your CD – Coombsy – remind me when we get back, please, hi everyoone else and thanks for emailsd signs of breeze – gotta go – fingers crossed.

Some good coverage and photos on the Sydney Morning Herald site and the SMH photo gallery

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