FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 27, 2005 - 1430hrs EDT

1430hrs 27 Dec 2005 EDT 36’14”S 150’53”E Ref 673

Wind at last – ENE 15 – and we’ve got the assy up and dragging us along at 7.5+ knots smack down the rhumb line in a nice flat sea with a long, low swell. I expect the guys further south are getting a bit more, but it doesn’t really matter – we are going flat out and any more breeze would affect the sea state and slow us down.

Steady stream of big ships going south – I’ve tried sending selective DSC calls to test our new AIS gear but no go – either they are not listening or I’ve got it wrong somehow. The call appears to be transmitted but no acknowledgement or contact via the designated frequency. Will check when we get in – if we can get it working properly, it’s a great safety asset.

Passed a big sunfish half an hour ago while I was talking to Nik at Rolex Media – about 2 metres from the boat – a lucky sunfish, I think – in our overpopulated bus shelter, we are a rather solid lump to have bump into you.

CG – little bowl snug beside the nav table.

Chicken balti for dinner tonight – not sure yet how we will manage a sitting of six – it’s all a bit different. Pete and I are about to have a little Consultation to consider the matter.

Some start pictures here – thanks Les & Karen Newling

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