FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 29, 2005 – 0130hrs EDT

0130hrs 29 Dec 2005 EDT 39’00”S 150’26”E Ref 677

Hard on the wind, mid Bass St. at roughly half way. Just woken from first real sleep since we started, snug and warm under new Sea rug – One of the things that really work. Full main and #1 and lumpy sea. there are some boats out here I wouldn’t like to be on in this – sitting on the rail all the way and wet and uncomfortable. Iff this holds, we will get to Tasman Island late tomorrow with a real possibility of a New Year’s eve party in Hobart. Fingers crossed.

Time to make a cuppa and dunk a gaggle of McVities, then full party gear and on watch for 2 hours. We work a staggered system so that we do the first hour with one person and the second with another. Makes for variety and the time goes more quickly.

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