FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 29, 2005 – 1215hrs EDT

1215hrs 29 Dec 2005 EDT 40’02”S 149’45”E Ref 678

70 miles east of Flinders and past 40 S – we’ve driven Berri as fast as she will go but very difficult to catch up all the time we must have lost in the first night parking lot. We have about a knot and a half of adverse current here so our speed on the tracker won’t look as impressive as it does on the log in the boat. We will continue to point as Tasman Island, ETA about 2000 tomorrow if the wind holds. Not a brilliant time of the day to get there – hope there’s enough gradient wind to keep Storm Bay and the Derwent open for us. If so, then about 0900 on New Year’s eve on the line.

Troops all OK, bus shelter not too damp, ferals coming out of their hidey holes at the prospect of varietal sock and underdag fodder. Great fruitcake and meals, Hilary – thanks. The less squeamish amongst us had a standard Berri breakfast in the sun this morning – fat bacon sando soaked in tabasco lubricated by a Guinness followed by very alcoholic fruit cake. Yummy.

I’m told I sounded grumpy on ABC radio this morning – they rang during the sked and I was trying to listen to the weather at the same time. Tricky. Have just spoken to Nik at Rolex MegaMedia and it seems 2UE will be after us later as well. Roll up, roll up – the tail enders will be the only story soon, when everyone else is down at the pub.

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