FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 30, 2005 - 0600hrs EDT

0600hrs 30 Dec 2005 EDT 42’04”S 148’58”E Ref 679

That was the night that was! We’ve been reaching with full main and #1 in three to four metre beam seas with wind gusting to 40+, mostly 30-35, and getting sustained bursts of 9+ knots, often 11 in short bursts and never below 8. Knocked off a few miles but I expect every one else has too. Quite hairy sailing and difficult sometimes but exhilarating. To steer the boat, you have to be braced across the bus shelter bit and working really hard occasionally, although relatively easy to stay in control. The sun has just risen, we’re 30 miles out from Freycinet and 80 from Tasman Island. Too early to predict but should be around this afternoon lateish. Will then depend on conditions around the corner. I hope we can hear the weather forecast this time.

Much too early for a wooohooo but a bacon sando and a Consultation with ‘imself the Doctor from Dublin after the 0705 sked will be in order, I think. Keep your fingers, toes, eyebrows, knees and everything else crossed that we can keep it all together and the wind holds for the next 36 hours or so to get us home. We’re working on the problem!

[Ed: the Yacht Tracker has Berri getting into Hobart at about 11:30pm 30/12 – that’s tonight!]

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