FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 30, 2005 – 1645hrs EDT

1645hrs 30 Dec 2005 EDT 42’48”S 148’23”E Ref 680

It’s a fickle race course. All our speed last night wasted-  we’re thudding into a short nasty sea and a SE sea breeze @ 25 knots just able to lay TI because we’re way out to sea. I think  the boats inshore – Polaris and Isabella and Tilting – will have a bit more trouble. We won’t round tonight unless we get really lucky – The sea breeze will die with the sun and we’ll be parked until morning. We’ve already lost everything we gained on the boats now around the corner so that’s the end of any chance of a place – we’re just trying to stay up with the boats around us.

I think we can just see TI 32 miles away.

We’ll just grind it out, as usual. A third park will be frustrating – hope we manage to avoid it. Still possible we won’t even get in tomorrow if the predicted light and variables arrive.

Time to get set up for the sked.

[Ed: actually two “eds” this time.  Stephen and Malcolm are both in Hobart to welcome Berri back again (talk about déjà vu all over again!).  We are heading out in Mal’s Wildfire to meet Berri in the morning (subject to The Examiner being kind, so no updates until; we get back in later in the day…. Sorry ‘bout that….] 

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