FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Diamond moments

Wind blasting in from the port quarter, Berri corkscrewing in the breaking surf of each wave – brilliant moon, almost cloudless, Orion clear to the west, a couple of bright stars next to the moon. A breaking wave crashes against the side behind me as I sit in the cockpit and I look up at the mast. The moon is just behind the headsail, which is in silhouette, and there’s a tiny tiny string of pearls streaming from the top of the forestay – a wisp of spiders web released who knows where and come to rest in the moonlight 170 miles out to sea. For this we are alive!

Love youse all but I wish there was a bit less wind – very uncomfortable and messy. McQ off watch asleep and missing it all. The wind now howling through Lizzie’s tv tower at the back and the airgen actually ahead of the current drain. It’s only about 25 – 30 kts so basically still on the edge of benign, so I shouldn’t complain.

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