FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

Engine problems 5443 03515

Just spoken to Alex on satphone. The engine has packed up (ingress of water) it may or may not start again. There is no need to panic. The most important thing is battery power. Lizzie (the wind generator) is still going strong. But there will have to be some conservation of power. As we know they’ve plenty of wind. Updates to the blog may be sporadic and satphone messages will be relayed via the radio room (here). A bit of forward planning. Should the engine not start again, Berri is going to need a tow into Falmouth (UK). Present position leaves around 1150 NM to run. So let’s say 8 – 10 days to go based on average of 5kts sog (dependent on weather of course). Any volunteers to get a tow on standby? There will be no salvage rights! Look forward to hearing from you, please use the ‘contact’ link on the website. And remember; Alex is heading for familiar waters. The last leg is half of the Fastnet Race and he’s done that a lot. I will alert Falmouth & Valentia Coastguards as things progress.
That all. Best Speedy.

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